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Penelope's Studio 

In the studio you will find original art work and prints available for purchase. Available Artwork is usually displayed in the virtual gallery.

The studio offers flowers, architecture and portrait painting. She is most confident in larger size comissions. Studio tours are always welcome .Feel free to contact us for a schedule tour of the studio.

Paint and cocktail with Penelope 

No experience needed !! 

We supply the tables, tablecloths, paint, easels, canvas for an exceptionnal relaxing evening ! Classes are offered at my home studio where you could bring the beverages and snacks of your choice. Or you could have an event hosted at your choosen location or corporate office. Create an artwork you can be proud of and an experience you will love! For schedule see Classes in the menu.

Art classes for all ages 

Penelope's teaching experience is vast and varied, from art instructor for the Municipality of Chatham-Kent mural program, to Award winning mural youth project with the Crime Stopper through the Chatham-Kent High school. She is also an Artiste en residence for the School board La Providence and  in Lambton public school.She is also a supply teacher for La Providence school board. 

She currently teaches art to children,teenagers and adults. She offers a series of art classes from Art introduction to 4 to 6 years olds to working with adults either in Paint fun evening or private or group classes. 


Award winning mural Ontario special youth project with the Crime Stopper through the Chatham-Kent High schools.

For schedule see Classes in the menu.

All right reserved to Penelope Duchesne 

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